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Ready, Willing, & Abell Editing Services

When you're ready, I'm willing, and, of course, Abell!

Critiquing/Editing Options:

Picture Book Fiction (up to 600 words)

Picture Book Nonfiction (up to 900 words)

Chapter Book (up to 1500 words)


Dear Laurel,

I wanted to thank you for editing my children’s picture book manuscript. You were gentle, kind, and encouraging with your words of support. You are a mechanic, coach, and mentor for writers. You not only pointed out my weaknesses but pointed out my strengths.


After our one on one editing session, I had learned years’ worth of writing secrets in just over an hour. You pointed out gaps in my story arc and gave useful suggestions of how to conquer them. I felt like you understood my main character with your sharp eye for detail. I loved your post it attached saying, “It was a pleasure meeting Levi.”


I would highly recommend you to any writer! Your professional and loving editing skills were worth every penny. I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Laural Farabaugh

Author & Illustrator

Baltimore, MD

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