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Laurel Abell

Children's Writer

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Who is Laurel?

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Laurel Abell holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is currently an adjunct professor, teaching critical and creative writing at Stevenson University and MICA. Writing & teaching writing are her 2 great loves, so she considers herself pretty lucky.

Picture books are her favorite. As the (once home schooling!) Momma of 6 kids (and now 2 grands!), Laurel adores reading aloud (she does all the voices!). She spends most of her writing time composing and revising picture books, where her characters inhabit her mind then become friends she meets in words on a page.


Works in Progress



Beryl Markham decides to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean because no one has flown “the hard way” before (no, not even Amelia Earhart!), but she must endure a long, dark night of wrestling with prevailing winds, fierce storms, and a faltering airplane if she is to succeed.

After growing up in Africa, a literal world without walls, Beryl becomes the first licensed female racehorse trainer, literally knocking over any walls in her way. Then she learns how to fly and becomes one of Kenya’s first bush pilots. Fast forward to 1936 and Beryl is sitting in the cockpit, preparing for her transatlantic flight. She whispers “twende tu” (I am going) and begins her ascent into the sky. The Messenger was built for this flight, and so was Beryl. But both will endure the test of a lifetime to see if they’re made up to snuff. The winds and rain batter the plane, almost plunging Beryl into the sea, not once but twice. When she finally does make it back onto land, both she and her plane have suffered a devastating blow.

A WORLD WITHOUT WALLS is an 1800-word picture book biography for readers age 5-10.

A World Without Walls






Mary Oliver spent her days searching for, experiencing, and writing about the astounding beauty she found in our sometimes troubled world. In lyrical free verse, this picture book biography invites young readers into Oliver's extraordinary world of words. Even though she has left us, her words are forever here for us, her for us, and just as wonderful and utterly wild as the perfect moon.

ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE is an 1120-word picture book biography for readers age 5-10

One Wild and Precious Life





Steven hates being the odd one out, and he wants a reading buddy who isn't the teacher. But there's an odd number of kids in his class, and he's usually so distracted making sure things are even that he's the one left over. One day, though, Steven's eyes meet another's, and from then on everybody has a reading buddy. Even Steven.

EVEN STEVEN is a 486-word picture book for ages 4-7.

Even Steven