Laurel Abell

Children's Book Writer


Who am I?


Since graduating from VCFA with an MFA in writing in 2018, I’ve spent most of my creative time composing & revising picture books and middle grade novels. When I’m not writing, I’m extremely distracted by my other two loves: my beautiful granddaughters who inspire my writing (You can call me YaYa!) and my students at Stevenson University where I teach writing (Ok, call me Professor YaYa!). I also happen to be one of those eternal optimist folks, the kind who looks for and points to beauty in everything, especially picture books. I LOVE to collect, talk about, & give away picture books! In fact, because I truly believe every story is important and has an audience, I see something wonderful in every single one. I discover all the silver linings and hidden gems, the rainbows and miracles, the sunshine in the shadows (Yep, that’s me. Professor YaYa, the Anti-Critic!).



Words. I do words. I write. I teach writing. I edit/grade stories/essays. I read (LOTS of picture books but also other stuff). I love words so much that I spend my spare time doing New York Times crossword puzzles with my brother and dad or playing Wordscapes on my phone.



I believe words are magic. Spoken, they reverberate the air and echo away into the universe, flowing forever outward on airwaves. I believe they impact us in positive or negative ways, and that the impact is powerful and lasting. Written words can be treasures, pearls, secret loves to keep in your pocket, or a locket, but near your heart.