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Get Ready to R.E.A.D.!

Hopie loves to read!

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. Kids are off school and it’s time for the pool!

But did you know that your school-aged children may lose up to three months of reading preparedness over one summer away from books? Reading to youngsters and engaging them in high quality enrichment activities are crucial for learning to continue during the academically idle months of summer. How does a busy parent juggle all that? Just make sure you take time to R.E.A.D.

Research: Find and read books on your child’s topics of interest.

Explore: Take day trips to reinforce learning.

Activate: Create something related to each topic.

Discover: Learn something new about the world and you!

R: The best place to begin is your public library. Bring the kids and beat the heat inside for a bit. With younger ones, ask them ahead of time what interests they have: butterflies, dinosaurs, outer space, rock climbing, fairies, illustrating, castles…the list is endless. Then ask your librarian to help your child check out books that are on their reading level.

E: There are lots of free and inexpensive activities that can bolster your child’s reading experience. Make a list. If you are reading about butterflies, order some caterpillars and watch them develop in your very own butterfly garden. If you are exploring outer space, plan a trip to the science center or a night under the stars with midnight snacks.

A: Kids love to create. If they are interested in castles, build some at the beach or out of clay that can be baked and then painted. Maybe learn about how to become a knight and create a family crest. You might also want to visit for fun, educational and printable activities you can do on the go or at home.

D: Put away your devices and discuss what you are learning about the world and yourself. It’s often surprising how exploring and discovering new things causes us to grow. We see the world and everyone in it with new eyes. Then, when new ideas blossom, you can decide together…what’s next?

Click below for a Printable READ Activity Sheet!

READ Activity Sheet
Download DOCX • 13KB

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